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Church leader condemns killing of Hindu youth over blasphemy furor in Ghotki


Father Abid Habib, President of Major Superiors Leadership Conference of Pakistan has condemned killing of a Hindu youth in Ghotki. In Mirpur Mathelo, Hindu youth 17-years-old, Dewan Sateesh Kumar was shot dead by a group of agitated zealots, who were incensed as a result of the blasphemy feud. His friend Avinash was also shot who is in a critical condition.

Blasphemy row in Ghotki

“Many innocent people have been killed and alleged blasphemers are rotting in jail. The few that were declared innocent by the courts have had to flee to avoid the religious terrorists. I strongly feel that the police, courts and government institutions favor the Muslim party,” Father Abid Habib.

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Sateesh Kumar’s killing was not the first time when an incensed mob unleashing their fury targeted other members of the respondent’s community. Incidents of mob violence in pretext of blasphemy allegations are frequent in Pakistan. Mere allegations spark widespread agitation which ends up in mob violence.

Tensions rose in the district soon after the allegations were brought against Amar Lal, who is a drug addict and mentally unstable started living in a mosque after his conversion. On July 26, Tuesday, Amar Lal was booked by the police, however, still anti-Hindus violence spread in various areas of Ghotki district.

Speaking in this regard, Ashok Kumar Jay, a Hindu rights activist, said the country is witnessing an appalling increase in faith-based violence. “There has been a sharp increase in violence against religious minorities including forced conversions, target killings, extortion, looting, kidnapping, and troubles linked to their places of worship.”