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Church property fraud case: Federal Minister Kamran Michael to appear before the court on December 10


Kamran Michael

Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, Kamran Michael to face court trial over charges of church property charges in December.

Federal Minister is facing charges of illegally selling the church property and looting about sixty million rupees from the complainant Waqar Ahmed. Allegedly, Kamran Michael along with few others including Shafiq Masih, illegitimately sold the property belonging to Holy Trinity Church, Mall Road, Murree.

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Incidentally, Waqar Ahmed approached the Rawalpndi Bench of the Lahore High Court and filed a petition against Federal Minister Kamran Michael, Shafiq Masih and others. While responding to the petition, the Lahore High Court, asked the defendants to be present themselves before the court on next hearing, which is scheduled for December 10.

Furthermore, the court issued orders to the AAG to assist the court for furtherance. The case bearing ICA No. 18/2015 is scheduled to be heard on December 10. At this occasion, Syed Khawar Ameer Bukhari, the defence counsel of Waqar Ahmed the complainant pleaded with the court that the accused Christians including Federal Minister Kamran Michael persuaded the complainant that they were authorized to sale out the church property.

Moreover, he pleaded, in 2013, the respondents had defrauded a huge sum of about sixty million rupees from Waqar Ahmed as a payment of church property. The defence counsel further argued that when Waqar Ahmed was defrauded, Kamran Michael was holding the office of Minister for Minorities’ Affairs at that time.

The complainant, Waqar Ahmed claimed in his petition that Kamran Michael visited him two times in Taxila, back in 2013. At that time, he was Federal Minister for Minorities Affair, when he visited Waqar Ahmed and assured that Church Mission in United States of America authorized him to sale Church property of Holy Trinity Church Murree, the petitioner claimed.