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Church Property under scrutiny in Bangladesh


bangladesh protests
A group of Christians were attacked in southern Bangladesh while peacefully protesting. 15 are reported to have sustained injuries. The protest was being held against attempts to occupy church land.

The president of the church, Shanti Mondol has stated that about 250 people were protesting against the occupation of a pond within the church boundary that was being filled. Dozens of people allegedly from the District Bar Association linked to the ruling Awami League Party attacked the protestors injuring 15, including 10 women.

The pond has been used for baptism since 200 years and papers dating back to the British Raj show that the pond is the property of the church since 1918. The dispute comes as part of a long running battle on the ownership of the property.

In 2002, Dhaka-based rights group Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh filed a writ petition in the court to save the century-old pond from filling. However the petition was objected by the court stating it as stagnant and unusable.