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Church services resume in a church in Iraq’s largest Christian town amid anti-ISIS offensive


Mass celebrated in a church in Qaraqosh – Iraq’s largest Christian town; which was once home to large number of Christian population. A group of Christians celebrated Sunday mass on October 30, in a church in Qaraqosh. This prayer service was held for the first time in last two years.

Christians in Iraq celebrate Mass after two years

While remarking in this regard, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Mosul Butrus Moshe Stated: “Today Qaraqosh is free of Daesh (Islamic State). Our role today is to remove all the remnants of Daesh. This includes erasing sedition, separation and conflicts, which victimized us.”

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Previously, European Parliament had passed a resolution to protect the religious minorities in Iraq following a years’ log crisis in the country. The resolution induces an idea of safeguarding the minorities once the terror group ISIS has been pushed out of the country.

Christians celebrated church service in the Church of the Immaculate Conception – which saw 3,000 believers every week. When Islamic State captured Qaraqosh, this church which is Iraq’s largest church was burned and almost destroyed.

Prior to conflicts and ISIS’s advance about 25 percent of Iraq’s Christians lived in Qaraqosh. In recent weeks the town was liberated from Islamic States’ control, while at the same time a battle to recapture Mosul is still ongoing on.