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Churches and NGO’s In Karachi To the Rescue Of Heat Wave Victims


Heat Wave Pakistan12
Sindh continues to brave the deadly heat wave which claimed more than 1000 lives as temperatures hit 45 degrees. Bodies have started to decay and still remain unclaimed at Edhi Centers. A protest was staged at the Lahore Press Club. Protestors blamed the government for failing to handle the crisis efficiently.

Power outages last eight hours and water is no where to be seen. Things have worsened due to the month of Ramadan because Muslims abstain from food and water till sunset.

Churches, missions and NGO’s in Karachi have come to the rescue. They are doing their utmost efforts in being a source of solace for those affected by the heat wave.

Fr. Saleh Diego, director of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan, reports that the poor are suffering most. The priest says: “We have erected tents on the roadside but the army medical tents [sent by the government – Ed] are better equipped. People are desperate; provision of basic facilities like electricity and water could have saved lives. People are getting ill and government should address these concerns on emergency basis. I met the Karachi commissioner and request for restoring electricity in areas where patients are being housed.”

Churches are also using their resources to combat power outages. Caritas has organized a supply of clean bottles drinking water for patients who are in medical camps and deploying doctors in medical camps, which have been set up. Catholic churches are using personal resources to combat power cuts in parishes.