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Churches demolishing drive in Cuba: A Church saved from being demolished as Christians stage a sit-in


churches in Cuba

Demolishing of churches in Cuba halted by an impulsive sit-in at a church which itself was scheduled to be torn down.

As a result of this sit-in, the authorities in Cuba have decided to halt the demolishing drive. Around 500 Christians, who were protesting against the continued and frequent confiscation and demolition of churches in the country.

Protests were staged in Santiago de Cuba at the local Cuban Communist Party (CCP) offices, along with marches held in the local Cuban Communist Party (CCP) offices. As soon as the Christian protestors heard that demolition of an Assemblies of God church, a large number of Christians gathered in front of the CCP offices in protest against the demolishing.

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After the sit-in, the agitated protesters marched towards the church under threat and observed that the church building had already suffered some damage as the authorities had started tearing down the church.

By then, the building had not fallen completely and was still standing on its frame. The protesting Christians horded inside the damaged church’ property and warned the authorities who were bulldozing the church. The protestors threatened the authorities that they would not leave the building and stay inside the church building, even if the authorities continue to further demolish the church.

The leading Pastor of the church, Pastor Fausto Polemo, got a tip off earlier this year that his church would be torn down this year. He was informed that his church was to be confiscated and shortly was prohibited from holding any more services in the church.