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Churches in Malaysia helping in Pakistani Christian asylum seekers to settle


Pakistani Christians in Malaysia are relatively in better conditions than the ones in Indonesia. According to an estimate about 3000 Pakistani Christians are currently living in Malaysia. In order to get a hint of the situation of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Malaysia, the head of British Pakistani Christians Association paid a visit and met with some of the Pakistani Christians there.

Asylum seeking Pakistani Christians

Late week Wilson Chaudhary – Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association went to Malaysia in order to find underlying facts on the treatment the Pakistani Christians seeking asylum are getting there. He met with seven Pakistani pastors who conduct Urdu fellowships in Malaysia. He addressed the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in four different churches in order to encourage them. Moreover, he met with six Malaysian pastors and discussed the issues of the Pakistani Christians in Malaysia.

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He says that majority of the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers and refugees are in a relatively better condition and have gained permission to work in the informal sector. Nonetheless, they did complain about extensive working hours on extremely slight wages or no payment at all. In the face of this, the Malaysia’ local churches have made all out efforts to resettle and facilitate the hundreds of Pakistani Christians.

Local churches have extended Pakistani Christians facilities such as provision of education centers and rented accommodation. Moreover, food is being supplied to the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers or refugees by the Malaysian churches. Additionally these local churches are providing them, advocacy assistance which has played a pivotal role in supporting the bettered Pakistani Christians. The Malaysian churches have indeed extended great love and compassion towards the Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in their country. They offer the church buildings to be used by Pakistani Christians for Urdu fellowship services.

However, there are Pakistani Christians who are still many suffering from miserable poverty. These Pakistanis are spending days and nights in squeezed apartments. The children of asylum seekers are not allowed in the public schools while the private schools offer expensive education. Nonetheless, the UNHCR funded groups are running schools which offer formal education to the children of asylum seekers but these are ill equipped and the students are deprived of quality education.