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CIP demands Punjab Assembly’s Minister for Minorities Affairs to recover Sana Shahid



In a video released recently, Christian member of Punjab Assembly, Ms. Shunila Ruth urged the Assembly to review Sana Shahid’s case, the girl who was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.

Mr. Khalil Tahir Sandhu, Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs is seen in the video demanding the all the documents relevant to the case and assuring Ms. Ruth of preparing a report on the case.

Christians in Pakistan, being the largest online Christian community, considers its duty to raise a voice for Pakistani Christians and in this regard, we respectfully demand Mr. Sandhu to take immediate action, ensure a quick investigation of the case and recover our daughter, Sana Shahid as soon as possible.

Mr. Sandhu is a human rights activist and a practicing lawyer, who was first elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in 2008 and functioned as Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights & Minorities Affairs during 2008-13.

He has returned to the Assembly for the second consecutive term in general elections 2013 against one of the eight seats reserved for non-Muslims and is serving as Minister for Human Rights & Minorities Affairs (also held additional charge of Health from 11-6-2013 to 12-11-2013).

Christian politicians are our representatives in the higher government circles and the entire community relies on them to raise our issues in the Assemblies. In this regard, we are highly obliged to PTI’s Ms. Shunila Ruth who has raised this controversial issue in the Punjab Assembly and proved her mettle.

We expect Mr. Sindhu to show the same sense of responsibility.

Sana Shahid, a Christian student was abducted from Sialkot and forcibly converted to Islam and married to Waheed Akhtar who is also the kidnapper.

According to Sana’s birth certificate, she was born on April 17, 2002 which makes her 13 years of age at the time of marriage that is November 9, 2015. He marriage certificate claims that the girl is 18 years of age which is a forged statement. The crime includes forcible conversion and forcible marriage of a minor.