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Climax in Rimsha Mashi Case


Good News
Rimsha Case Update!
Mr. Muhammad Zubair( Witness) Said Before Magistrate:

  1. Imam Masjid added burnt paper of Holy Quran into Ashes!
  2. I said to Imam , Don’t do this !
  3. I was in Holy closet when it happened!

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The propaganda of the imam masjid has been exposed he plan all this and selected innocent 11 year old girl to Target since she is young and suffering from mental issues. she can’t be able to defense her self. she was a easy target and the boy who has registered the case has Ammad Disappeared because he has created a fault statement and now afraid to face the court the motive of this propaganda was to get rid of Christian community from that area which was planed and executed by the hate loving imam masjid.

Person who is hafiz e quran and eye witness who was present in the masjid when this propaganda took place imam masjid attention-ally added Quran pages in order to create a case there was no quranic burnt paper in the bag but added after words according to the hafiz who is eye witness and has recorded his statement to the magistrate.

This liar and hatred Imam of Masjid was planning this propaganda to get rid of christian community from that area for several months before he executive his evil plans He was giving sermon on getting rid of Christians attensionally. he has accepted this in one of his interview to Jeo tv on program Capital talk