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Co-existence in Egypt: Muslims Raise Funds For Church Building


Though Egypt has in the past been plagued by sectarian violence, members of both faiths have been making a concerted effort to unite in the wake of brutality perpetuated by Islamic State in the Middle Eastern region.

Muslims in Egypt have donated money towards the building of a Coptic Church in Al Manufiyya, north of Cairo, signaling another step towards solidarity in a country previously divided.

Pleased with the success of the initiative of co-existence which was recently adopted in Egypt, Bishop Benyamin has urged other communities to follow suit, and said there is a message to learn from the way that Christians and Muslims are working together.

Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and the highest Coptic authority in Egypt, Al-Sisi told the congregation, “It’s important for the world to see this scene, which reflects true Egyptian unity, and to confirm that we’re all Egyptians, first and foremost. We truly love each other without discrimination, because this is the Egyptian truth.”