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Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 2 forget to pay tribute to Saleem Raza on covering “Jaan-e-Bahaaraan”


“Jaan-e-Bahaaraan” is the latest song of Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 2 sung by Ali Zafar while the music of the song is directed by Shuja Haider. It is a tribute to the Legend Master Inayat Hussain as the song is originally composed by him. This song was originally sung by a Christian Singer Saleem Raza, who was famous for singing sad songs and an abiding fervor to work with distinguished luminaries helped him paint vivid portraits of Pakistani people in the harsh years after independence. Many national songs are accredited to his name. The matter of fact is that the coke studio season 10 forgets the singer to give him a tribute and remember the composer of the song.

Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 2 forget to pay tribute to Saleem Raza on covering Jaan-e-Bahaaraan

In real music, being good at your instrument or composing is not really important at all. In this genre, the formula for success of a song is simply depending upon singing. All you need is a good singing performance by a charismatic person. Also, Real Music does not even use acoustic instruments, so it is not important if you can play one or not.

The upcoming Coke Studio Episode 3 will feature 4 songs, including ‘Laal Meri Pat’ by Quratulain Balouch, Arieb Azhar and Akbar Ali; ‘Ronay Na Diya’ by Sajjad Ali and Zaw Ali; ‘Baazi’ by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga; and ‘Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat’ by Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat as a humble tribute to Madam Noor Jehan who was also a legendary singer of Pakistan not a composer.

Brief history of SALEEM RAZA

Saleem Raza was born on 4th March 1932. His name by birth was Noel Dias, born to a Christian family in Amristsar India. After partition, he moved to Pakistan and changed his name to Saleem Raza when he started singing for Lahore Radio station. Raza won many awards which included the Nigar Award for Best singer in 1960, the Screen Light Award in 1962. The Pakistan Arts Council recognized his efforts in the promotion of quality music in 1966.

Here are the names of some Urdu and Punjabi famous films for which Salim Raza sang songs which even today make a large number of fans nostalgic.

Bedari, Saheli, Rehguzar, Salma, Gulfaam, Saperan, Azra, Mousiqaar, Aanchal, Qaidi, Ik tera sahara, Tauba, Chingari, Payal Ki jhankar Noor- E- Islam, Chann Mahi, Kartar Singh, Mouj Mela, Dil Dian Lagiyan, Saat laakh, Ishq-e- Laila.

The exploitation in Pakistan’s music industry is really appalling especially when an artist belongs to a religious minority.