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Colosseum will Illuminate Red Light for Persecuted Christians


On February 24, in the evening at 6 the Colosseum will be illuminated in red color. The red color will represent the blood of persecuted Christians specifically of Syria and Iraq. The Christians all around the world have shed their blood for religion or lost their life.

Colosseum Illuminate Red Light for Persecuted Christians

In Syria and Iraq some famous church buildings will be lighted in red color. St. Elijah Maronite Cathedral and the Church of St. Paul will be illuminated. The Church of St. Paul is the church where the first worship was done after the city freedom from ISIS.

The ACN (Aid to the Church in Need)will sponsor the event. Last year this organization illuminated the London Parliament building, Basilica of Sacred Heart in Paris and in Philippines the Cathedral in Manila.

Alessandro Monteduro, director of ACN told that illumination of Colosseum is specifically for two persecuted Christian. One the Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi who was in the death row of blasphemy case and the other person is the Rebecca, a pregnant woman with her two children who was kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Her one child was killed, and lost the one in the womb and got pregnant again by the gang rape she was targeted. When released by the extremists she joined her husband again.

ACN in a report explained that Christianity has become the world’s most persecuted religion. According to the report in 13 countries during the last two years Christian confronted most oppression. This report expressed the worse situation in Saudi Arabia which could hardly get even worst.

China, Eritrea, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria are at peak in torturing Christian minority. Egypt, India, and Iran position “high to extreme,” while Turkey is “moderate to high” in Christian oppression.

According to the report of ACN, Western government and United Nations could not help Christians of Syria and Iraq. If Christian NGOs will not save the Christian from persecution then they will vanish from the Middle East.

The Christians escaped from Iraq in great number for severe persecution. Their population declined from 275,000 to150,000. By the end of 2017 with the defeat of ISIS there is a little hope of their return to their homeland.

ACN said that when the majority Christians fled from Syria, the people who left there were more scared since they were threatened of forceful conversion and felony.

Many Christian are moving to the refugee camps because they are scared of sexual abuse and other torture.
ACN explained in the report about the genocide done by ISIS. Many Christians are scared of extinction. They cannot stand another strike by any militants group now.