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Compensation Amount Yet To Be Paid To Some Of The Badami Bagh Arson Victims


LAHORE: The victims of the Badami Bagh arson file petitions claiming they did not receive the compensation so far.



Badami Bagh affectees file petition in LHC
Badami Bagh affectees file petition in LHC

According to the details, twenty eight of the affected residents of the Badami Bagh arson filed petitions in the Lahore High Court claiming the compensation from the Government which has not been paid thus far. Consequently, the Lahore High Court issued notices to the federal government and the Punjab governor concerning these petitions filed by 28 victims of the fire-raising. Justice Khalid Mahmood Khan of the LHC asked the respondents to file replies on the petitions within three weeks




The petitioners, on the other hand claim that the provincial government had announced compensation for those affected in the incident while instructing the city government to calculate the extent of damage to the houses.




As a result of this order, the city government officials considered the losses and recommended compensation for 150 Christian families.  What’s more, the federal government announced 500,000 Rupees as compensation for each person affected in the incident.



Conversely, the petitioners claim that the governor offered compensation cheques to just 112 victims instead of the recommended 150 ignoring the remaining 38. They blame the governor of being selective on the basis of political associations.



These over looked petitioners say they had tried to contact the concerned authorities but were not assisted in any way. It was maintained that the governor’s action was biased and thus a violation of the provisions in Article-124 of the Constitution. They beseeched the court to instruct the federal government to apportion them the compensation as announced.