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Concerns Over Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand


The problems and difficulties faced by Pakistani Christians in no unknown by any one. IT has been years since they have been denied the refugee status in Thailand. Fleeing Pakistan due to major security threats, these people have no found solace in any way possible.

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Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, president of Pakistan Christian Congress has expressed his concerns about Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Pakistan. He is highly worried due to the fact that they have been till date denied the refugee status determination. Dr. Bhatti highlighted the fact that Christians are continuously under threat in Pakistan and face many different kinds of persecution.

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Dr. Bhatti demanded Secretary General of UNHCR, Mr. Ban Ki Moon to immediately take action and issue directives to the Bangkok office and stop them from declaring that blasphemy law is not a threat to the life of asylum seekers. He also mentioned that they should be stopped from twisting facts and taking decisions of the refugee cases on true humanitarian grounds.

Many Pakistani Christians have been deported, therefore Nazir Bhatti warned that if the asylum seekers are mishandled or mistreated or denied asylum due to substandard decision on cases, UNHCR will be held responsible.