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Concrete steps taken to protect churches from terrorist attacks says Commissioner Quetta


As terrorist attacks on churches in Quetta leave a deadly trail, Commissioner Quetta Division Mohammad Hashim Ghalzai reiterated that government is taking concrete steps in order to protect churches and temples of Hindus and Sikhs from further terrorist attacks. He said that measures are to be taken in order to rebuild and restore those churches and temples previously destroyed by terrorists.

Christians in Quetta

On Wednesday, September 12 , Commissioner of Quetta Division presided a meeting in order to evaluate the security measures provided to minorities’ places of worship in Quetta. On this occasion, representatives of minorities were also present. “We have already deployed police to worship places, which has improved security greatly,” Commissioner said. “The government is determined to foil terrorist attempts to damage properties and to prevent worshipers from visiting their sacred places.”

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Commissioner Hashim Ghalzai was joined by Deputy Commissioner Quetta Tahir Abassi and SSP Security Nasibullah Khan. He directed the administrations of churches to submit their applications for issuance of arms license for private guards deployed at their churches. He added that government is chalking out a wide-ranging plan in order to provide training to the private security guards. “The government has deployed special security for minorities so they can come and go to their worship places without any fear,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that these measures are designed to promote religious harmony in Quetta; by safeguarding the rights of religious minorities nestled in the city. He directed the Metropolitan Corporation to take efficacious steps in order to make sure that the worship places of minorities are spick and span.

Referring to Islamic teachings about rights of minorities, he said: “Our prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) instructed his followers to respect other religions and provide worshipers security.”