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Condemn homosexuality but administer pastoral care spiritually and psychologically to such individuals



Bishops of Nigeria restate strong opposition to same-sex marriage.

According to details, bishops of Nigeria, have restated their disagreement towards the vile trend of same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage has been gaining popularity in various parts of the world after a United States court ruled in the favour legitimising gay marriages.

Bishops of Nigeria have been condemning same-sex marriages over and over again and have urged the parents to teach their children about the true meaning of marriage. In this regard, several Nigerian priests have reiterated strong opposition to this vile practice.

Father Chris Anyanwu who is the spokesperson of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria stated, “Since the increasing activism about homosexuality, lesbianism as well as bisexual and transgender rights in many parts of the world culminating in the signing into law by some countries of the West a bill which allows same-sex union, there has been also a deliberate attempt by some lobbyists and gay movements to denigrate and malign those countries, groups and individuals, especially in Africa, who hold a contrary view.”

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The priest stated that he does not mean to support imprisonment for the homosexuals. He clarified that neither he nor other bishops are urging for legal punishment for homosexual individuals. He clarified that there were reports that they were insisting for jail terms for homosexuals which he negated.

Father Chris Anyanwu made plain that the bishops only meant to restate their condemnation of kinds of acts falling within the margin of homosexuality. He said homosexuality is sinful, and is opposed to natural law of creation. God did not mean marriage to be this way. “We call on our government to continue to resist the attempt by some external governments and agencies to impose an acceptance of same-sex unions.”

He further asserted that the bishops are of an opinion that there should be ministering of pastoral care to individuals with homosexual orientation instead of legal trials. He maintained such persons should be provided spiritual and psychological assistance rather than bringing disgrace to them. They should be respected for “their dignity as human persons created in the image and likeness of God.”