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Connection between God and music has enthralled me always says dapper guitarist/songsmith Sean Walters


“Music has always been a part of my life. For as long as I can remember, music was always playing on the stereo at home,” said chic guitarist, singer and song-writer Sean Walters. Since childhood he demonstrated a bizarre predisposition towards music. “I always knew I would be involved with music in some shape or form.”

Pakistani Christian guitarist

Brought up under the aegis of God loving parents Sean W. was advised to surrender all to Lord Jesus. At the age of 8, he moved to Dubai where he finished his schooling. He went on to study Theology from South Africa, and got engaged in mission work as he attended YWAM. By this time he harbored an ardor for praise and worship and ventured into church activities during his stay in East London. “I was a part of outreach trips to Mozambique,” he recalled.

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“Music has always had a spiritual connection to me,” he explained while detailing that he first played in the worship team in Dubai. Now was the time for the nascent artiste to procure avant-garde skills as he played alongside musical genii. “To cut a long story short, it was my love for rock and roll and church music that started the fire.”

“The connection between God and music has always fascinated me, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that relationship.” He had been instilled with Christian music as he grew up listening to various Gospel bands at the same time followed secular bands.

Sean W. delineates music as heavenly language. “It is something we will never fully understand, purely because we did not create it. Music is pure, it is an endless ocean – it knows no barriers, no boundaries. I believe God sang the universe into being.”

No longer in latent phases, he started playing guitar with celebrated Pakistan artists including Azal, Quratulain Baloch, Komal Rizvi, Shafqat Amanat Ali, at the same played for his own band “Half an Eye.” Back in Dubai he confirms his expertise at the guitar for musical virtuoso Sajjad Ali and an Emirati singer Adel Farooq. He also plays for his own Dubai based band “Chronicles of Khan.”

As a musician he reckons, he has an incredible opportunity to inspire a generation. “The message of Christianity is love. Right now, the world needs love.” He says that music can be instrumental in propagating love and peace in a society which is already marred by individuals scaring, judging and condemning people.