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Contributions of Christian Pakistanis brushed off from history books, a Christian activist sounds off


A Pakistani Christian activist whines over the fact that the contributions of Christian Pakistanis have are being systematically wiped off from history and syllabus books of education institutions. Irfan Salamat Khokhar, a Christian human rights advocate complained that Pakistan’ Christians community is sidelined, owing to ignorance from government and Christian leadership.

Contributions of Christians in Pakistan' progress

Irfan Salamat who also heads an advocacy group Humanity Intellect Movement said that since the formation of Pakistan, Christian have been ostensibly playing vital role in development of the country. “Their role in pre-creation and post-creation of Pakistan their role has been overlooked which was followed by subliminally deliberate mutilation of identity of Pakistani Christians.” The campaign involved constitutional maneuvers which may inhibit Christians from enjoying equal rights as Pakistanis.

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“I will raise my voice against all attempts to wipe out the discrete identity of Christians as Pakistanis and as a nation.” He added that he will take the rightful legal course and invoke all constitutional rights as a citizen of Pakistan.

Irfan Salamat added that the crisis which engulfs Pakistani Christians mainly owes to the fact that there is a lack of sincere leadership. There is no one who would see us off the crunch times, he said. “I have decided not to look towards others anymore, I will take a stand for my community,” he said resolutely. If all of us start taking their responsibility towards their community seriously, we can make the difference, he asserted.

On July 1, Irfan moved the Lahore High Court seeking introduction of Biblical studies for Christian students at school and college levels. LHC is due to hear the case on July 18. Despite having high hopes for realization of his aspiration, he shows an unrelenting passion to stand his ground till implementation of his cause.

Emerging as the voice of the voiceless, Irfan Salamat says “I am focused on carrying on my campaign with perseverance. I look forward for support from Christian community, I need them all to uphold my cause.” I am keen on fighting for the rights of my community and leave the rest with God. He said, if in case, LHC decides in our favor and still no implementation is done, Human Intellect Movement will not hesitate to generate a nationwide campaign to ensure equal rights for Pakistan’ Christians.