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“Convert or die” – ISIS threatens the Assyrian Christians living in Sweden


Assyrian Christians

Terror group ISIS threatens Assyrian Christians in Sweden to “convert or die.”

In keeping with the details, the Assyrian Christians living in Gothenburg which is the second largest city of Sweden have received threatening messages from the Islamic State.

‘Dagens Nyheter’ (DN), a Swedish Newspaper has reported that symbols and graffiti of the terror group ISIS were found painted on a bakery and a pizzeria owned by the Assyrian Christians in Gothenburg. The newspaper further reported that ISIS logo was painted along with a slogan “the caliphate is here”, “convert or die.”

Moreover, to further clarify the message that it was intended for the Christians the Arabic letter ن, were also painted on the walls of the Le Pain Francois bakery and the next-door pizzeria; both owned by the Assyrian Christians.

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Owner of the Le Pain Francois Bakery- Markus Samuelsson said, “I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened. Our family fled Turkey for Sweden in the 70s. What we’re exposed to reminds us of the stories we were told as children. It’s very real and threatening, and we’re terrified.”

In addition, the Swedish police have started investigating this case. The Chairman of the Assyrian district in Gothenburg- Josef Garis stated, “The persecution of the past feels near.”

Prior to this attack, a Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet had already reported earlier this year that about 150 people from Gothenburg had travelled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS. It seems as if Gothenburg has become “the Swedish Center for Jihadists”, said terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp.

This threatening wall painting comes shortly after ISIS released a video showing three Assyrian Christians being executed last week; after declaring their identity saying “I am Nazarene (Christian)” The ISIS jihadists have threatened to kill 180 more Assyrian Christians held in their captivity.