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Convert or leave: Condemnation heaped upon the sinister conditions imposed on Christians in Chak 44


Director of CLAAS UK- Nasir Saeed a UK based Pakistani Christian has expressed indignation over the fact that the Christian villagers of Chak 44 were presented with reprehensible conditions for a public apology. After the blasphemy accusation, when the local Christians approached the Muslims and asked them for an apology they offered them three conditions: Either all the Christians convert to Islam, leave the village forever or hand Imran Masih (the accused) to them so that they could burn him alive in front of the one and only church in Chak 44.

Blasphemy cases against Pakistani Christians

While expressing strong condemnation, he criticized the fierce and tyrannical attitude of the local Muslim villagers towards their fellow Christian villagers. “They have no right to impose any of these conditions and forced beleaguered Christians to bend on their knees and ask for their mercy.

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“I cannot believe that such things are still happening in this world. Such treatment towards Pakistani Christians is a slap on the face of the Punjab and central government, and to all those who never tire of telling the world that minorities are protected and enjoying equal rights in the country.

“I don’t understand how watching a video on the internet can be criminalized as an act of blasphemy. And if this is blasphemy then all those who watch this video or any other videos against Islam have committed blasphemy and everyone should be arrested, charged and punished under the blasphemy law.

“I believe this is not an act of blasphemy and if people still think Imran has committed blasphemy then he should be punished according to the law. No one has any right to take the law into their own hands, harass local Christians, threaten them, burn Imran alive or force Christians to convert to Islam or leave the village.

“Such conditions from lay people make a mockery of the law. The Government of Pakistan must take this matter seriously, provide protection to the local Christians, and those who are breaking the law should be dealt according to the law.”

Christian villagers of Chak 44 landed in trouble when Imran Masih one of the villagers was accused of committing blasphemy by his Muslim colleagues. He was accused of watching anti-Islamic sermons of Pastor Sami Samson, on his mobile phone, despite the fact that he is illiterate and does not knows how to search online or download content in phone. After the accusation, he fled and is still in hiding however, his fellow Christian villagers are in great trouble as the Muslim villagers have imposed a social boycott on them presenting them with three choices.