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Cookery is not chemistry, it’s an art says burgeoning Chef Chris Smith


Faisalabad based burgeoning Chef Chris Smith says he soaked culinary inspiration from his mother who is a chef herself. ‘She has been a great source of motivation in my life,” he said. Explaining about his blossoming carrier he said that he has acquired professional training from College of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Pakistani Christian chef

“My father has always been the greatest propelling force in my life,” he said while detailing about his journey. “He told me to get up every time you fall, Never ever give up on your dreams.” His words have always propelled me towards my goal. “I always wanted to be a chef,” he revealed.

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“I watched them dressed in impressively dressed white uniform; exhibiting their culinary skills I was always enthralled,” Chef Chris said. He said that he watched chefs cooking in television shows, and admitted that he was captivated by the culinary art.

“My journey has had interesting curves full of motivation and passion. I was never too easy for me,” he said. He went on to disclose that he used to ask God for wisdom and understanding so that he could achieve his goals. I always wanted to make a mark for myself and most importantly, prove to the society that Pakistan’s Christians are excelling in various fields.

“God blessed me with wisdom,” he said while adding that he had to jostle his way through several hardships; in order to succeed. After three years of intense hard work during my training I was finally able to acquire professional Chef’s status for myself – but this was just the beginning.

“I believe that as a professional chef; I need to be innovative, play with new ideas and present unique dishes to the diners, and one of my main goals is to invent new recipes. Cooking is a perfect mix of food and fun.”

Pakistani Christian Chef

“As a Christian our first priority is our Lord Jesus Christ… without him we are nothing…. always feel proud that you Christian,” he advised Christian youth. “We are not supposed to think evil for others, do not feel jealous. Youngsters need to honor their parents and follow their advice. Most importantly, he said that youth must walk with the Lord which is the key to success,” he said.