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Coptic Christian soldier lost his life in Egypt


A Coptic Christian soldier has lost his life out of by three officers only a month after he finished his preparation at a military camp in Egypt.

Christian soldier beaten to death by officers in Egypt

Joseph Reda Helmy, who hails from Kafr Darwish town in the Beni Suef Governorate, was apparently executed on June 19, not long after he was exchanged from Mobarak military instructional hub to Al-Salaam extraordinary powers police unit.

The Egyptian armed force has expressed that Helmy kicked the bucket of an epileptic seizure, yet his relatives trust that he was killed by the military officers due to his Christian confidence.

The deceased soldier’s father, Reda Helmy, said that his son arrived at the camp at 2 p.m., and was dead by 8 p.m.

Youssef Zarif, the warrior’s cousin, declined to acknowledge the armed forces clarification that Helmy had passed on of an epileptic seizure. He noticed that the wounds on Helmy’s body did not resemble those of an epileptic scene. The officer had wounds on his head, shoulders, neck, genitalia, and additionally his back, where the most exceedingly awful wounds happened, as indicated by Zarif.

Zarif additionally noticed that the specialist who analyzed the body declined to bow to weight from the individuals who brought it and announced that the trooper’s reason for death was not characteristic.
The three officers are presently apparently in authority after a prosecutor going with the family requested an examination.

Zarif said that police and different troopers revealed to him that Helmy was irritated by the three officers in the wake of finding out about his Christian confidence. The imprints found on the warrior’s body show that he was hit with substantial instruments and kicked with their boots.

A Christian leader in Helmy’s village said many are mourning the soldier’s death. “Many women are wearing black, a sign of mourning for the death of one of their Coptic youth,” the Christian leader said.

“Many are sharing the graphic pictures of the bruised body of Joseph Reda Helmy, a new draftee doing his military service,” he added.

It is also noticed that two other Coptic Christians were executed while serving in the Egyptian military. The experts have asserted that the two warriors had conferred suicide, however they were both allegedly in great psychological well-being, while one of them had serious wounding.

Another Coptic Christian was purportedly murdered in August 2016 out of a shooting occurrence, however nobody has been criminally charged.
Egypt is as of now positioned on the Open Doors’ 2017 World Watch List as the 21st most troublesome nation to be in as a Christian.