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Court finds man guilty of raping 71-year-old nun in India


An Indian court on Tuesday found a Bangladeshi man liable of raping an elderly nun. The 71-year-old nun required surgery after the severe assault in 2015, when a group of thieves came into the convent school, where she lived in the eastern province of West Bengal. A court in the state capital Kolkata discovered Nazrul Islam guilty of rape and endeavored kill, among different offenses.

Court finds man guilty of raping 71-year-old nun in India

“It was a shameful act,” additional judge Kumkum Singha told the packed City Sessions Court.

Singha said Nazrul Islam acted alone in raping the nun, including that five others arrested for their involvement were accused of offenses inconsequential to the rape.
Islam will be condemned on Wednesday. The nun, who can’t be named for lawful reasons, was raped after the burglars scoured the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Ranaghat and stole money and different things. A blessed sacred text was likewise torn and a statue of Jesus was broken. The attack was the most recent in a string of prominent assaults in India, and provoked much soul-searching as priests and schoolgirls took to the streets demanding justice for the “inhuman” crime.

Supporters close shops, covered schools and held candlelit vigils outside the hospital where the nun experienced surgery for wounds endured amid the assault.

The police experienced harsh criticism for saw inaction after 10 men were kept yet no captures made, regardless of the characteristics of a few assailants being caught on CCTV film. It took three months previously the primary denounced was captured.
Indian government’s information for 2015 shows 34,651 rapes were recorded however campaigners say the genuine figure is probably going to be considerably higher given the social shame that still encompasses such cases.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed deep concern over the assault but was condemn for not speaking out earlier against religious violence.