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Courts Decision To Not Extend Visa Of Filipino Nuns in Pakistan Facing Expulsion


The case of three Filipino nuns who faced expulsion on the orders of the Interior Ministry, has taken a news turn probably towards a dead end.

The nuns had filed a petition in the court regarding the expulsion. The court has upheld the decision of the Interior Ministry and the visas of the nuns will not be extended owing to public complaints.

The interior ministry spokesman labeled did not respond to the so called ‘malicious accusation’ by the nuns. “However, now that the honorable court has comprehensively given its verdict and thrown the case out, it is in the fitness of things to respond to the venomous accusations on record,” he said.

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The writ petition has been dismissed by the court upholding the right of the sovereign state to either grant permission or deny visa rights in any case. The spokesperson also mentioned the fact that there had been a case of child molestation at the school the nuns worked at and the parents of the child had lodges and FIR but the school administration had constantly barred them from doing so.

“When the issue came to the notice of the ministry of interior through social media and an inquiry was ordered, many parents came forward with serious allegations against the nuns on account of misuse of authority, discrimination against Muslims in the school and commercialization and violation of their visa terms,” he said.

Earlier it had been mentioned that the case had also been marked by personal stakes as the wife on interior minister who was an employee at the same school had a bad relationship with the principal and had left her job without notice.