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Crimea: Russian divers to construct world’s first ever “Underwater Church”


Under water church

Russian divers begin constructing world’s first ever underwater Orthodox Church off the coast of Crimea.

Details reveal that construction of this underwater spectacle will be bore by the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, along with Kremlin-linked nationalistic biker gang, the Night Wolves, Archimandrite Tikhon and the ‘Mother of the Beavers’ diving club in Sevastopol. This church is planned to be constructed around 100 metres off the coast of Cape Fiolent, near Sevastopol, about 20 metres beneath the waters.

Divers began construction of the church and placing a giant cross at sea bed of the Black Sea. This is a 3-meter high cross, which is shaped like a ship anchor, around which the church will be constructed. A spokesperson of the Russian Orthodox Church in Crimea told media that the temple will bear the name of St. Nicholas who is honoured as the patron saint of sailors.

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In order to locate the cross without any difficulty a buoy will be attached to the cross, so that it can be located easily. Furthermore, for the purpose of attracting more tourists, the exact location of the cross will be mapped.

Archimandrite Tikhon who is a diver himself told the media that the church building is designed like a normal church. “Inside there will be images, icons – everything that you would find in a church,” he said. Moreover, Tikhon also plans to place relics from the Crimean War (1854-55), at which time Sevastopol was besieged by the British and French militaries during their campaigns including famous battles of the Charge of the Light Brigade, and the battles of 1941-42 against German forces. Tikhon hope this will attract more tourists to the site.

The divers also intent to bed in a table and massive concrete candle holders near the cross before the summer season ends. However, at present the architects are woking on the design of the church and are waiting for the winter season to see if the location selected for the cross is suitable or not.