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Crisis worsens: Rufugees coming in at much faster pace than EU could counteract


Refugee crisis in Europe

Thousands of migrants keep flooding the European Union threshold even swifter than EU member countries decide over their policy over this crisis.

According to details, there remains a sour displeasure between the EU members to come up with a final policy over the current migrant crisis which has grappled Europe these days.

Reports have that the EU members mull over their policy to cope with this crisis, and allocating fixed ratios of migrants to be divided between the EU member nations. All the while, the incoming migrants keep pouring in, and deciding for themselves where to lodge. The officials say that these migrants are landing and moving on quickly, so that the authorities are finding it hard to manage register them.

In line with some of the accounts of these migrants, “it takes an average 10 days to get from Turkey to Germany, with usually just a few days in Greece.” The pace of this incoming surge of refugees can be imagined by the fact that Greece, from which overall 66,400 refugees are to be transferred to other European Union countries, has thus far managed to register merely fewer than 10,000 of the arriving migrants. All of these incoming migrants have trailed across the continent in the past few weeks.

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In this regard, Hungary, which has so far nearly 250,000 registered migrants already entered into its terrain since January this year until now. Hungary has the most forceful stance against taking in more refugees who are seeking asylum in the EU. Moreover, Hungary has erected fences on its southern borders to curb the incoming of more migrants.

EU countries are planning to resettle 120,000 asylum seekers at present in Italy, Greece and some of the other frontier countries. There has been obvious disagreement between the EU members. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite stated that the EU leaders had “started wrongly” in an effort to solve the refugee crisis, by “clashing about the redistribution of 120,000 people when we have millions of refugees coming.”

However, so far it has not been able to obstruct the flow of migrants as it has become a favourite corridor towards Germany and other neighboring countries. The Hungarian authorities are shipping tens of thousands of migrants who have crossed into Hungarian borders to the Austrian border.