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Cuba: Government issues orders to demolish at least five churches in a neighbourhood



Churches in a neighbourhood in Cuba on the verge of being demolished, consequently, a local pastor accuses the Cuban government of leading a “witch hunt against churches”.

According to details, the Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) says that the Cuban government has directed the concerned authorities to knock down every church in the neighbourhood called Abel Santa Maria, in Santiago de Cuba, in the southern part of Cuba.

This order was issued on November 27, the local pastors revealed who had residing in these churches along with their families. Emanuel Church, which is associated with the Apostolic Movement, along with four other churches is among the church buildings which have been targeted. Reverend Alain Toledano, from Emanuel Church said, “There is a witch hunt against churches in Cuba at this time, mainly against the churches of apostolic and prophetic ministry. The communists have intensified in their hatred and persecution of the church following the Pope’s visit to Cuba and the re-establishment of relations with the United States.

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I request constant intercession on behalf of the churches in Cuba. In our case, this would be the second time that the racist communists have attempted to evict us from our house, throw us out on the street and demolish our temple, only now their diabolical hatred and fury is directed at other congregations too.”

Reverend Alain Toledano and his congregation have tried to obstruct the government’s decree by holding a ‘sleep-in’ about two weeks ago. Reverend Alain Toledano, said he and his wife own the church, and was granted official consent to carry out the construction work on the property.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide claims that this fresh governmental decree is just an episode of an in progress crackdown against churches in Cuba. The organisation further complained that government of Cuba is targeting church properties “to tighten its control over the activities and membership of religious groups and thus eliminate the potential for any social unrest.”