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Cuban Churches Grow Amidst Towering Poverty


Cubans worship
The churches in Cuba are emerging with new zeal and fervor as relations between United Stated and Cuba begin to ease. A new spiritual revival is being seen in the country.

In the midst of an oppressive regime, The Cuban Baptist Church, Assemblies of God and other denominations have reported outstanding growth in churches through out the nation.

The immense state of poverty of the people does not stop them from going to churches. Many also believe that it is poverty that has fueled church growth in Cuba. With most Cubans surviving on less than $30 a month, there is not form of entertainment which can pull them away from the church. People do not have money to spend on hobbies and other pursuits.

“The Church not only survived, but in the midst of those pressures and difficulties it grew. It grew solid,” Cuban Pastor Moises De Prado said in an interview with CBN News. New home churches are springing up around the island.

Churches have grown from just a few hundred to almost 10000 in some denominations. Another reason stated by local Pastors is that people spend so much time in churches so that they can then evangelize with their neighbors.

Hundreds of believers are planning to head overseas as missionaries. Given their single-minded focus and long-term experience with hardship, they may be uniquely qualified to travel to new lands to spread the Gospel.