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Cyber Crime law invoked against social media post blaspheming Christian faith


Pakistani Christian community expressed deep grievance over a recent social media post. A Facebook post blaspheming the Holy Trinity provoked Pakistani Christians; as many of them took it to the social media to express their anger. Officials from a Pakistani church reported the blasphemous post to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Blasphemous post against Holy Trinity

This complaint was filed against 4 people for sharing a post offensive to Christians. Followed by circulation of a blasphemous photo of Chief of Army Staff, along with the Premier and the First Lady captioned in away blaspheming the Holy Trinity, National Coordinator of the Church of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Titus Bhatti submitted an application with the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore.

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On September 10, Mr. Imran lodged this application seeking legal action against the perpetrators. “The trinity is among the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith,” he told UCA news. “The titles in this blasphemous post insult my faith. It has caused religious hatred. The further sharing of this post is hurting our feelings.” The applicant urged the authorities to take necessary action against the owners of the Facebook page and to block the “blasphemous,” post. He termed the act as “religious terrorism.”

As a result of this post, Pakistan’s Christian community poured in condemnation upon the act saying that mockery of Christian faith blatantly must be punished. On September 11, reverend Amjad Niamat, Convener of the Pakistan Christian Action Committee, posted a social media video urging Christians community to record their objections in a peaceful manner. He said that the blasphemous post depicted a deplorable behavior of those behind the act. He said that the government and army must take action against such elements giving rise to communal discord.

Pakistani Christian activist, Khalid Shahzad said that Muslim brothers must show respect to Christian faith. “A Christian believes in the Trinity just like you believe in the finality of Prophethood,” he told UCA news. “The Muslim community has imprisoned many illiterate Christians in Punjab jails for blasphemy.”