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Czech Republic to take up Iraqi Christian refugees from Germany


Iraqi refugees in Germany

A group pf Iraqi Christian refugees to move to Czech Republic from Germany, followed by a formal request from Germany to grant them readmission.

These Iraqi Christian refugees have spent two weeks in Germany, prior to which they were in Czech Republic’ accommodation center in Okrouhlik near Jihlava, south Moravia. In this regard, the Czech Interior Ministry’ press confirmed that 20 Christian refugees from Iraq will be taken up from Germany.

After these 20 Iraqi Christian refugees will arrive in Czech Republic, they will be moved to a detention facility. Later on, the Czech Republic will try to deport them to Iraq, their country of origin. Nevertheless, these Iraqi Christians have the right to apply for asylum in Czech Republic.

A fresh application was delivered to the Czech Republic from the German authorities, on Thursday, April 14. Prior to this application another application was presented by the German authorities; which was turned down by Czech Republic due to few formal limitations.

Czech Republic’ Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (senior government Social Democrats, CSSD) said, “I am glad that Germany has accepted our legal arguments by submitting a new application. After their readmission from Germany, the Iraqi Christians will be in the position of illegal migrants.”

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Apart from these 20 Iraqi Christians, 5 refugees are allowed to stay in Germany in order to be reunited with their families. “The father of this five-member group has been granted asylum in Germany,” a representative from Czech Interior Ministry’ press said.

The Iraqi Christian refugees arrived in the Czech Republic as according to a resettlement programme which was organised by the Generation 21 Endowment. Followed by their arrival they were provided, accommodation in Okrouhlik. However, two weeks ago, these Iraqi Christians refused to take Czech asylum and insisted for asylum in Germany. They left for Essen, Germany, by coach and were detained by the Germany authorities.

After the arrival of these Iraqi Christians, Germany requested the Czech foreigner police to take the refugees back, however, this request was cancelled because of the fact that these Iraqi Christian refugees were seeking asylum in Germany. These Iraqi Christian refugees claimed that they had families in Germany, so they should be granted asylum in Germany.

After the demand of these Iraqi Christian refugees, the entire resettlement programme was affected. Consequently, the programme was terminated. So far, about 89 Iraqi refugees have arrived in Czech Republic instead of planned 153 refugees. Another group of refugees attempted to quit Czech asylum and travel to Germany.

Apart from the refugees from Okrouhlik, a group of 16 Iraqis from Brno wanted to leave for Germany. However, the Czech police detained them several kilometers away from the border last night. The refugees applied for Czech asylum again.

Both the groups of refugees quit their asylum status of Czech Republic before they tried to leave for Germany. “The Czech Republic will not be a gambling room to play an asylum roulette,” Czech Republic’ Interior Minister Milan Chovanec.