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Dadu: A court orders drug dealer to sweep mosque and offer prayers


A local in Dadu has ordered a man to sweep mosque. The man was allegedly involved in selling of drugs and was facing court trail. After hearing the case, the judge ordered the drug seller to sweep the mosque and offer prayers as due punishment for the crime committed.

Judiciary in Pakistan

The convict Irfan Ahmed Bhand, was handed a punishment of sweeping the mosque and offering prayers five times a day for a period of one year. Civil judge Gul Muhammad Brohi heard Irfan’s case and ordered to him sweep a mosque in Benazirabad.

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In this regard, Judge Gul Muhammad Brohi warned the offender, that during the prescribed period of his punishment, he would be monitored by the cleric of the mosque. Irfan was told that in case he was failing to comply with the orders of the court he would be handed a severe punishment.

Judge Gul Muhammad said that if Irfan was found failing to comply with court’s orders, he would be sentenced to two years of imprisonment. Previously, Irfan Ahmed Bhand was arrested by the police and three kilograms of Marijuana – a proscribed drug in Pakistan.

Irfan Ahmed Bhand, while speaking to local journalists said that he was “pleased with his sentence.” Speaking to media persons after the court’s verdict he said that he would certainly comply with court’s orders and obey the teachings of guidelines of Islam.