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Dead bodies of 8 Pakistanis drowned when illegally trying to enter Europe brought back today


Refugee crisis

Eight Pakistanis drowned while trying to illegally migrate to Europe by way of Greece.

According to details, these eight Pakistanis were among 250 people from various nationalities who were on the boat trying to cross over to Greece. Those illegal migrants who were on board were from sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco and Bangladesh. A total of 15 illegal migrants were among those who drowned during this journey.

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More than 100 dead bodies of those on board were washed up to the shore of Libya’s western town of Zuwara, at the same time some of them were rescued by European ships. These dead bodies and the rescued migrants were taken to Sicily in Italy. However, eight dead bodies out of the 15 unfortunate Pakistanis were brought to Pakistan via air at the Lahore airport today, September 30. The Italian authorities burried the dead bodies of the remaining five Pakistanis who drowned.

The eight dead bodies of the Pakistanis who drowned are identified as Faisal Nadeem from Kharian, Mohammad Nawaz and Mohammad Imran from Mandi Bahauddin, Mohammad Umair Raza, Hassan Saeed, Akbar Ali and Abdul Maroof from Gujrat, and Mohammad Imran from Jhang. Their dead bodies were handed over to their families coming from different parts of Punjab.