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Dead body of a year old refugee boy found on Greek shore


Refugee crisis

Dead body of a year old refugee boy found by the cost guard boat on patrol.

The Cost guard patrol boat had found the boy in an unconscious condition, and the doctors tried to restore his breathing but were unable. This one-year-old boy drowned as the boat which was meant to reach the Greek Island Lesbos. There were 55 other refugees with him on the boast.

Reportedly water started entering the boat just when it was about to reach the Lesbos Island of Greece. It was during the midnight when the boast began sinking. The refugees on the boat were all from Syria, however, the coast guards managed to rescue all the other refugees on the boast except the one-year-old boy.

The other 55 refugees remained unharmed as they were all saved; the ministry of shipping Greece says they do not have information about the parents of the boy. During that same night the coast guards had to get involved in rescue operations two times in the exact region to rescue two separate groups of 48 and 70 refugees on board boats that were being filled with water.

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It has been reported that between Thursday night and Friday morning, about 2,000 refugees arrived at the shores of Lesbos Island, which has become a favourite destination for refugees. Lesbos is not far from the Turkish coast has seen thousands of refugees arriving.

During the same night 800 refugees arrived at the Island, during night. It is however, the most dangerous time in the sea and the waves roar at this time. Sea has become a most used and favourite routs for the refugees to sneak into Europe.

According to the UNHCR, in excess of 550,000 refugees and migrants succeeded in entering Europe by sea route thus far in 2015, majority of these were fleeing the conflicts in Syria and the vast majority arriving in Greece. More over, about 3,000 of refugees have died or are missing, majority of these victims are children.