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Deaf and dumb Christian girl forced to convert after abduction faces death threats from abductor


A Pakistani Christian girl, subjected to forced conversion after abduction faces death threats from her abductor while recently her father was shot down by unknown assailants. The victim Asma Masih was able to break away from the captivity and reach home, which enraged the captor and his accomplices.

Christian girl forced to convert in Pakistan

As narrated by victim’s parents a local influential namely Ghulam Hussain abducted their daughter five months ago. After abduction, Asma was forced into marriage with her captor and forced to convert. However, the girl was fortunate to have escaped the captivity and reach home.

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As soon as Ghulam Hussain learnt about the girl’s return, started hurling threats at the girl’s family trying to coerce them to return her as he claimed that Asma was his wife. On the other hand, local Islamic clerics also issued fatwas stating that Aysha (her new name after conversion) cannot stay with Christians as she was a Muslim now.

In compliance with CLAAS-UK the documents presented by Ghulam Hussain in order to prove Asma’s conversion and marriage are “clearly forged.” On the other hand, police have been reluctant to help the Christian family and showed partiality by siding with the influential captor. Police had been warning Asma’s father to return the girl to Ghulam Hussain, despite the fact that a court had allowed Asma to stay with her family.

CLAAS-UK remains apprehensive as the clerics believe that Asma Masih has converted to Islam, as long as she stays with her family they might believe she had reconverted back to Christianity –which means a death sentence for Asma.

While remarking in this regard, Director of CLAAS-UK – Nasir Saeed pointed fingers at the government claiming that the alarming rise in forced conversion and abduction of Christian girls in the country is owing to the heedlessness of the authorities.

“Since the government has failed to investigate Muslim clerks who are suspected of being involved in forced conversion and the issuing false certificates of conversion and marriages, such crimes will continue happening and I see no end to innocent Christian and other minorities’ girls misery. Instead I am scared that it will worsen.”