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Death Toll Rises Above 3000: Deadly Nepal Quake


Nepal Quake
At least 3326 people have died in the deadly Nepal quake, which hit the nation on Saturday. More than 6500 people have been injured and there have been reports of casualties and deaths from neighboring India and china.

The 7.8 magnitude quake also triggered avalanches from Mount Everest. The scale of devastation is immense. People have spent the second night out in the open as what remain of their homes are ruins.

As strong aftershocks continue, huge tent cities have emerged in capital Kathmandu as people are still afraid to get back inside. According to BBC reports officials have warned that the number of casualties could rise as rescue teams reach remote mountainous areas of western Nepal.

Rescue missions and aid are arriving in Nepal to help cope with the aftermath of the earthquake, the worst to hit Nepal for more than 80 years. The roads to where the epicenter was, northwest of the capital, have been cleared and rescue teams are on their way.

Home ministry official Laxmi Prasad Dhakal told Reuters rescuers were “in a really bad shape” after working non-stop for two days. “We are all about to collapse.”