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Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha awards ceremony held in Lahore


Deewan Bahdur S.P. Singha awards ceremony held in Lahore where prominent personalities from the society were honored. People from various walks of life were awarded, while on this occasion minorities affairs were also brought under discussion.

Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha awards ceremony in Lahore

The ceremony was held in Lahore, and was attended by prominent Christian personalities from various walks of life. The ceremony was organized by Samuel Payara , Chairman of Bright Future Society a charity organization. Samuel Payara who is also a social activist , expressed serious concerns over the government’ failure to implement 5% job quota system for religious minorities in government run departments, institutes, ministries etc.

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While addressing the audience, Samuel Payara criticized the reluctance of the government in disbursement of the funds of about twenty hundred million Pakistani Rupees, for the Christians affected by the twin blasts at the All Saints Church in Peshawar. He urged the government to act immediately to solve both the issues highlighted by him, during his address.

At the same time, he appreciated the Government’ issuance of postage stamps with images of Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha on them. Government had issued these stamps in order to acknowledge the services of S.P. Singha before and after the creation of Pakistan. This is the first time in the country’ history when a Christian’ image had been published on postage stamps.

He went on to voice great determination for the progression of Pakistan, and said that the religious minorities will continue to play their part in the development of the country. Canon Yaqub was the chief guest on this occasion who was joined by Pastor Elvin, Advocate Joseph Francis , Martin Javed Michael, Samson Salamat, Albert David, Boota Imtiaz, Victor Daniel and Pastor Samuel Khokhar and many other local Christians.