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Defence lawyer Of Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani Imprisoned

Mohommad al Dadkah, Defence Lawyer of Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani

Various Human Rights organizations have stated that the lawyer of the Iranian Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani has now legally starting serving the nine-year prison sentence.

Mr. Muhammad Dadkhah was seemingly, accused of threatening National Security and spreading propaganda.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), closely observed Pstor Yousuf’s case,and is now similarly, overseeing Mr. Dadkhah’s case. Tiffany Barrans, the International Legal Director for the ACLJ, told The Christian Post,” As the world awakened to the realities of religious persecution in Iran when the masses fought for Pastor Youcef’s freedom, we must now shift our attention to defend those who defend the persecuted.”

Mr. Dadkhah was pronounced a nine-year imprisonment, because of allegedly,” acting against the national security, spreading propaganda against the regime and for keeping banned books at home.” Mr.Dadkhah, is now being detained at the notorious, Evin prison in Iran; in the political prisoner ward.

Mr. Dadkhah, has formerly offered his legal services as a defence lawyer to numerous religious convicts, out of which, Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani’s case has been in the spotlight.Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani, who served a three-year imprisonment sentence;was released in September. Pastor Nadarkhani was charged of attempting to Evangelize Muslims and therefore spreading apostasy. The public prosecutor has also defended the twelve Christians who were arrested on Easter Sunday, this past year.

By Madeeha Shakeel