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Denied Of Dignity: Christians In Villages Of Punjab “Treated Like Animals”


PUNJAB:  Christians are “treated like animals”, by the landlords in the bulkiest province of Pakistan.


Christians attacked in Punjab
Christians attacked in Punjab


Punjab where majority of the anti-Christians incidents spring up; Christians are deprived of the “dignity of human beings.” Lately, Kasur district, in Punjab, already in news for the case of rape, the culprits still without punishment, regarding a 15-year-old, Christian girl, Fouzia Bibi .



A non-governmental organization Legal Evangelical Association Development, LEAD reported, just another occurrence in which the Christians of Kasur had undergone maltreatment and harmed by the Muslims.



Just recently, in another shameful incident when some local Muslims abused, ridiculed, hit Christians, publicly disgracing them, purposefully targeting the Christian agricultural workers and pastors. As another incident reported when severe physical and psychological violence was unleashed over a trivial matter of intrusion of some flocks of a Christian man Shoukat Masih, in the fields of a few Muslims. His animals were seized and when he approached to claim them, he was ruthlessly beaten.



On 2nd of June 2013, some Muslim men broke into the home of a Christian family, hitting the three women Irshad Bibi, Sajida and Suraia; laid bare and then forced to run naked through the streets, while being ridiculed and harassed, witnessed by all the other villagers, but no one intervened.



An identical shameful treatment was held in reserve for two Christian elders, Shoukat Masih’s parents, as they showed readiness to report the matter to the police. “Some police officers also raided our house along with Muslims owners and threatened to get us involved in a criminal case,” says Shoukat Masih.



The desperate Christian family after a series of agonizing events turned to Rev. Saleem Gill asking him for legal assistance, when it was probable that an FIR could have been registered over the incident. Another Christian family, reported that they had faced abuse and ill-treatment by Muslim landowners, whom they serve.



Withal, incidents like Shanti Nagar, Gojra, Badami Bagh and Essa Pur Chak 31-10/R flames of anti-Christian riots in Punjab razed properties, houses Churches, Bibles and many lives. This embossed religious intolerance is now beginning to sting the National integration causing fear and disillusion of alienation among the Christians in Pakistan. Majority of them more or less 90% give their consent to abandon Pakistan over the issues of religious intolerance, blasphemy laws and intensifying antagonism in Pakistani society.