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“Deny Jesus or die in prison” American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran


saeed abedini
American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been given the warning: deny Jesus and embrace Islam or stay imprisoned for life.

In January, 2013 Saeed Abedini was condemned to eight years of imprisonment and the Iranian authorities now plan to extend the sentence. This has been done with previously as well. The American Centre for Law and Justice said, “They find some other way to set them up for a falsehood and try them for additional convictions.

According to, Naghmeh wife of Abedini, prison guards have become increasingly hostile and are psychologically tormenting his husband. Abedini is serving one of the toughest sentences of imprisonment in Iran.

In a Facebook post, Naghmeh writes: “He has been under a lot of pressure and attack from the hardliners…The guards have also been threatening Saeed that he will never go free…They continually threaten Saeed that the only key to his freedom is denying Christ and returning to Islam.”

The prison was built for 5000 but is housing 20,000 so the hygienic conditions are bad. Naghmeh also said that recent prisoner executions have also affected Abedini adversely. However, she wrote, “he continues to be steadfast in faith.”

“He wants you all to know that the Lord continues to move in that prison and lives are being transformed!” his wife wrote on Facebook. Saeed desperately missed his family on Easter but new traditions were created in the prison and they had a great Easter.

Wife of Pastor Abedini, appeals for prayers as over the years the journey for her kids and she have become difficult.