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Deportation Halted;Second Hearing Of The Iranian Convert To Christianity


Swedish officials, cease to deport Reza Jebbari – an Iranian Convert to Christianity.

Mr. Reza Jebbari, an Iranian, accepted Christ, while he was on a visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2010. He later on headed for Sweden, where he appealed for Asylum; two years ago; expressing fear of persecution if he returned to Iran.

Swedish authorities, on the other hand put his plea down, for Asylum, questioning his conversion to Christianity, and any possible threats he might face in his home country.
The Swedish authorities, nonetheless, were inquisitive of his intimidation. The Swedish Immigration Service and the Migration Court, refused him asylum.

Reza Jebbari had been offering noteworthy service to Church, along with regular street evangelism; moreover he had been playing and singing in choir at Tensta Church. In the face of his apparent activeness for Christianity, his request was declined. The Court inquired about Jebbari’s genuineness, of conversion, and remarked that Jebbari had failed to prove any possible life threats he might have in Iran.In response to this Jebbari’s Pastor assured that,” He has a deep Christian identity, as much as I have.’

Notwithstanding, the initial denial, the Swedish authorities, after all, granted him another chance of a Court hearing.

According to Jebbari’s lawyer, the hearing would be a mere formality, plainly to grant him permission to reside in Sweden. That the proof is strongly in his favor.