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Desperate Asia Bibi Writes A Letter To Pope Francis Saying, “Pope Francis, I am your daughter Pray For Me”


A Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi who has been convicted of committing blasphemy and charged of death sentence under Pakistan’s blasphemy law has pleaded to Pope Francis upon her death sentence.

Blasphemy convicted Asia Bibi
Blasphemy convicted Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi has sent a desperate letter of appeal to the Pope as she faces a sentence of death for blasphemy.

In her earnest plea she declared, “Pope Francis, I am your daughter, Asia Bibi. I implore you: pray for me, for my salvation and for my freedom. At this point I can only entrust (myself) to God Almighty who can do anything for me.” She writes, “ In her letter to the Holy Father. I am holding tightly onto my Christian faith and trust that God my father will defend me and give me back my freedom. I also trust in you, Holy Father Francis, and in your prayers.”

She added, “Pope Francis, I know you are praying for me with all your heart. I know that thanks to your prayer, I could be set free. In the name of the Almighty Father and his Glory, I thank you for your support in this moment of suffering and disappointment.”

“My only hope is that I will one day be able to see my family reunited and happy again. I believe that God will not abandon me and that he has a plan of happiness and wellbeing for me which will come into being very soon. I am grateful to all Christians across the world who are praying for me and doing everything to help me,” Asia wrote.