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Desperate Iraqi Christians Beg US And UK To Send Troops Against IS


Desperate Iraqi Christians call for urgent military action from America and Britain to save them from advancing IS jihadists.

US and Uk should launch military offensive on ground against IS
US and Uk should launch military offensive on ground against IS

Distressed Iraqi Christians yesterday called for urgent military action from Britain and America, begging for military troops to be sent in to save them from charging IS. US

Pesident Barack Obama has already launched airstrikes in an attempt to cut short genocide of Christians and Yazidis by Jihadists from the hate-filled Islamic State – formerly known as Isis – but locals said it was “too little too late”.

Esho Esho, a 39-year-old Iraqi Christian says, “The Americans, British, other European countries need to come back to Iraq and finish what they started. You
don’t leave a job before you finish and they have caused this mess. The Iraqi army may be well equipped but they don’t know how to use the equipment and they are not organised. They cannot cope. We have seen this town expand by more than 100,000 people in a day. There are tents everywhere, people sleeping in the streets. My family back in the US ring me every day begging me to come home but I cannot leave. I would feel too guilty.”

“International forces are needed now on the ground to stop the IS fighters. Anyone in their path, any minority, is at risk,” he says.