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Desperate times: Archbishop of Bangkok urged to help Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand


Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Archbishop of Bangkok urged to help the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers left high and dry in Thailand.

According to Pakistan Christian Post, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti-President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has urged Archbishop of Bangkok Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij, to help sorting out the problems of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers who are facing miserable ill-treatment in different cities of Thailand after they had fled from Pakistan seeking asylum.

UNHCR in Thailand is overlooking these asylum seeking Christians from Pakistan and is not providing them with due facilities. Moreover, their cases for asylum status are not being processed appropriately. These asylum seekers are made to wait for prolonged period. Moreover, the Thai authorities are making illegal arrests of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who had fled from Pakistan because of persecution on religious grounds.

In this respect Dr. Nazir S Bhatti has written a letter to the Archbishop of Bangkok, an excerpt is as bellow:

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“After 2009 when Muslim mob attacked Christian Town Gojra in Punjab province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, setting on fire more than 70 homes and burning alive 8 Christian children, women and elder man but none of culprit was brought before court of law and punished, the Pakistani Christian exodus began. They headed towards Sri Lanka which had entry on arrival on Pakistani Passport at that time and airfare was cheap when EU, North America and Australia were reluctant to issue them visas.

There were attacks on Korian village and at Joseph Colony in city of Lahore by Muslim mobs and murders of Pastors in broad day light in Court Compounds on allegations of blasphemy laws while fundamentalists bombed Churches in Peshawar and Lahore killing Christian worshipers.”

“When life and property was threatened by Muslim fundamentalist then Thousands of Pakistani Christians reached Royal Kingdom of Thailand also and applied for asylum with offices of UNHCR in Bangkok and they are waiting for their settlement in countries where they live under safety and security from years.”

“I wish to bring in your kind notice that Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers are facing hardships to afford boarding and lodging in different cities of Royal Kingdom of Thailand and their children are unable to go to any school as what funds they have brought after selling their household in Islamic Republic of Pakistan are exhausted.

There is not any NGO nor IRC or UNHCR is helping Pakistani Christians asylum seekers when they are sick or without food. Moreover, they are arrested on immigration violations of overstay and sent to jails or kept in Immigration Detention Centres by authorities including men and women”

“Therefore, we appeal your Highness that in name of Lord Jesus Christ help may be extended to stranded Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers also as Catholic Diocese of Bangkok is boarding and lodging asylum seekers from Syria, Somalia and other countries.”

“I assure your honor that Pakistan Christian Congress and its allies will appeal to International donor agencies and other individuals who want to donate Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers to funnel their support directly to any Catholic organization like Caritas or Catholic Charity or whichever your honor announces or Rev. Father you nominate” because donors only trust Catholic Church.”