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Desperate times: European Union urged to assist the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers


Pakistani Christian asylum seekers

LONDON: European Union urged to look into the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers.

According to details, Chairman of British Pakistani Christian Association has emphasized that the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers needs to be raised with the European Union while Germany, France and Britain have decided to discuss the issue of migrant crisis in Europe.

Wilson Chaudhary, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has laid great stress on the urgent need to raise the issues about Christian asylum seekers from nations like Pakistan in addition to those from war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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He said, “There is a problem with much direct and indirect discrimination against Christian refugees generally. The concerns we have over the hoops Christians seeking safety from Pakistan have to go through, and the blocks they encounter, are shared by groups working with Christians from other places of persecution, particularly in the Middle East.

Muslim refugees can often get support by going to nearby Muslim nations, but for Christians, that move is often out of the frying pan and into the fire. Pakistani Christians, for instance can face blocks from their own fellow citizens or even some arms of the government, in part because too many getting out would reveal more of the horrific conditions and discrimination they endure. It’s a face-saving exercise, to try and avoid shame in the international community.”

“In the West we often have some kinds of affirmative action program which discriminate in a way in the name of equality, to help those seen to labour under particular disadvantages or discriminations or under-representation. We often hear people say that some kind of special focus or allowance for Christian refugees and asylum seekers from such places as Pakistan and the Middle East would be unfair, and against secular equality values, but the fact is that they are often in an even more vulnerable position than others, and face greater challenges in reaching safety.

It is not unfair to give priority to groups that share our values, that are often arbitrarily blocked – for instance by the US State Department – from programs of refuge. To do so would be a win-win situation – Western nations get a class of genuine refugees who integrate better with our values, aiding community and cross-cultural cohesion and the particularly vulnerable Christian brothers and sisters get a better shot at reaching safety. Therefore we are calling on Christians everywhere to press for the issue of Christian refugees and asylum seekers to be raised at these meetings.”