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Despite being in dire straits Asia Bibi is very, very strong in her faith says her lawyer


Ahead of Asia Bibi’s appeal case hearing, Khalil Tahir Sindhu, who will be representing the Christian respondent along with another lawyer in the apex court has expressed concerns that it’s been over a decades she has been behind the bars, while she struggles to clear her name.

Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi on death row

In an exclusive interview with an international news agency Khalil Tahir said that Asia Bibi is anxiously waiting for the outcome of the appeal against her death sentence. He told that her final appeal hearing is due to be heard on any date in the second week of October. Her appeal is expected to be heard around the October 12 or 13, he speculated.

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Khalil Tahir explained that in case her appeal is turned down by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, she may likely be hanged within 30 days of the verdict. He said that he visits Asia Bibi, once a month as she languishes behind the bars in Multan jail.

While explaining Asia BIbi’s current situation he said, “Right now she is behind bars. She has not seen, unfortunately, the Sun or the Moon this year.” He illuminated Asia Bibi’s fervent faith in Lord Jesus Christ saying: “She is very, very strong in her faith. There were so many attempts to convert her but she said ‘no – I will remain faithful’ and she has remained faithful.”

Khalil Tahir Sindhu also holds the office of the Punjab’s Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs. He told that he had represented Asia Bibi in the High Court, and is again representing her in the Supreme Court of Pakistan along with another lawyer.

He also narrated the hardships he has had to face for taking up the case of blasphemy accused Christian woman. “People were outside my home taking snaps but I don’t feel any fear because I have a faith in God. They can kill my body but not my soul and not my dreams,” he said while adding, “It was published in the international newspapers.”

Khalil Tahir also pointed out that there is lack of substantial evidence against Asia yet she was convicted. “She’s totally innocent,” he said while urging all to “pray for her and pray for me because anything could happen to me. But I’m ready to pay the price and I’m carrying the cross.”