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Despite serious threats a daring lawyer risks his own life to fight for Asia Bibi


Asia Bibi

A courageous lawyer takes up the gallant task of fighting for the blasphemy convicted Christian woman Asia Noreen Bibi.

In line with details, a Pakistani lawyer (his name is being withheld) has resolutely taken up this daring task of representing Asia Bibi in the Supreme Court. Asia Bibi who was accused of committing blasphemy was convicted and was awarded death sentence subsequently.

In the wake of anger and uprising against the government over hanging of murderer of Salman Taseer; this endeavor has now shaped into a more precarious matter. Just recently, the agitated protesters had been demanding that the Christian woman should be hanged immediately. In the face of this perilous situation, this bold lawyer stands between her and the gallows; plainly risking his own life.

Despite a police guard has been deployed at his house. While speaking in this regard he said, “They were deployed, after intelligence officials said a group has carried out a recce of my office for a planned assassination”.

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Nonetheless, the brave lawyer who though not as famous as his client is determined not to give up on the high profile case. Though being a Muslim himself, he shows sincerity to win justice for the Christian respondent. Although he has greatly limited his movement, he said, “Nobody comes here,” the 60-year-old told media. We don’t go out to meet relatives or friends. They don’t come here to meet us.”

“When I took her case, my fellow lawyers said ‘You have hammered the last nail into your coffin,’” he revealed. said. Asia Bibi became her client in 2014, and since then his life has been at risk as he has been a target of the religious extremists. Being a cause of double trouble, he had been also actively pursuing the murder case of Salman Taseer as a special prosecutor.

As a matter of fact, both of the cases he has endeavored to take up are closely linked as Salman Taseer who was the then Governor of Punjab was assassinated because of his stance on the blasphemy law and his public call to see the blasphemy accused Christian woman Asia Bibi released.