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Determination set her in motion: Saba Saleem turns out as a perfect illustration of a “go-getter”


Saba Saleem

Saba Saleem is an Assistant District Attorney in Rawalpindi District Courts. As an Assistant District Attorney, Saba represents Punjab Government and its departments in courts. “I actually defend them in courts.” she explained. There are no two ways about the fact that she is exemplary for today’s girls as through sheer hard work she has surfaced above all obstruction.

She had been housing an ardent desire for realization of her dreams. While recalling her struggles she told, “I took the exam of CSS back in 2010. I got good grades in all the subjects, except Islamiyat. I did not take the exam of Islamiyat as there was an option and choice for the non Muslims before that they could either take the exam or they had to get 80% marks in Pakistan Affairs, which was a compulsory subject. There was no other subject offered for non Muslims as is used to be the case at school or college level. I was unable to get it because of this rule and was completely shattered because I worked hard for it day and night.”

However, she assiduously re-gathered all her strength and did not let hope out of her sight. “I kept on trying. The only thing that was in my mind was to achieve something. Ultimately, got it by clearing another competitive exam.” “And I’m really thankful to God for this,” she maintained.

She received early education from Presentation Convent High School, Rawalpindi. She went on to study inter and graduation from F.G. Postgraduate College. Later on, she acquired an LLB degree from Punjab Law College, with distinction in Punjab University.

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Taking another leap towards her ambition, she studied Political Science while bagging a Master’s degree from International Islamic University, Islamabad. Her desire for more did not relent at this junction. Driven by her passion, this industrious young lady is currently studying LLM Human Rights Law from International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Besides, having straight-out ambitions for herself, she yearns to see betterment of Christians in Pakistan. “I really want to see my community at the top now, especially they being inducted at good posts,” she exclaims.

“Time has come when we are needed to be more than at higher places than being in those “trifling professions”. We have got the talent and there is nothing like discrimination if one is really able to achieve something. I know so many other examples, beside me, who have achieved much on merit,” she presses.

“There are very few girls in this profession from our community,” she maintains. “We as women and above all being from the minority group are more vulnerable as compared to other females. Being a lawyer makes you fight with the biased society to a great extent.”

Besides,”One gets the courage how to make one’s place among the majority. Women have more opportunities while being in this profession as it’s a challenging and exciting one. On a lighter note, to save an innocent person gives one a soothing feeling; innocent literally means really innocent,” she made plain.

While reflecting upon the topical issue of Kasur child porn case, she said “Kasur incident is an awful incident for sure but now this has at least started giving rise to a lot of questions, amendment in the laws related to the children is another foremost issue among them.”

“That incident, according to me happened because of the stiffness of our society as its considered as Child Sexual Abuse is taken as a topic which is scatological,” she argues.

“Parents don’t impart awareness to their children about such issues. Let me share an experience here with you. I got a chance to work with a similar organisation which was working on the same issue, whenever there used to be some awareness campaigns.

People used to resist such discussions and some even used to scuffle by taking the plea that this will make our children get older before age.” “What I feel like is that its better to be aware and get older than to get succumbed to such scandals,” she remarked.