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Diocese Of Peshawar Sets Up Relief Camp For IDPs


PESHAWAR: The diocese of Peshawar meets the minority IDPs needs by providing extensive aid to them.

Diocese of Peshawar sets up relief camp for IDPs
Diocese of Peshawar sets up relief camp for IDPs

The Internally Displaced Persons IDPs coming from North Waziristan as a war has been waged by Pakistan Army against the military insurgents in the NW Agency. As a result millions have been displaced from their homes including Christians and Hindus. The scale of evacuation has been so large that it is not possible for the government alone to meet the needs of the IDPs.

In this hour of distress, the Diocese of Peshawar has stepped forward with sincere help and support both for the Christians and other IDPs. According to details, the Diocese of Peshawar is looking after minority internally displaced persons (IDP) after large groups of citizens in the northern Waziristan region sought shelter during the government’s ongoing fight against the Taliban. Until now, the diocese has housed 72 Christian, Hindu, Sikh and a few Muslim families into its Bannu camp, still more IDPs are expected at their camp. The Diocese of Peshawar’s relief camp is established at the Pannell High School, Bannu on permanent basis. A team of clergymen from the Diocese of Peshawar are ministering to the IDPs by counselling them out of mental trauma.

Reverend Humphrey S. Peters- Bishop of Peshawar while remarking about the Christian IDPs: We decided to keep these families at our relief camp to avoid any disturbance or discrimination on the basis of religion. They will have the freedom of participating in their religious ceremonies, which is not possible in a refugee camp with other Muslims.

In actual fact, Diocese of Peshawar all institutions including three churches in Bannu, a school and a hospital are being used to provide relief and medical aid to the IDPs. Many Muslim IDPs are being looked after in this relief camp along with a resource team is sent by the Diocese of Peshawar to other areas where Muslim IDPs have found shelter. Most importantly, the diocese has extended an extensive relief and aid arrangement to as many IDPs it can reach including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. The ongoing military operation in the North Waziristan Agency has caused nearly half a million people including many Christians among them, to seek refuge elsewhere in the country.

The Diocese of Peshawar is doing whatever it can within its limited resources for the Christian IDPs. However, for proper care, the Diocese needs generous donations and support of its friends and partners. The IDPs need urgent medical care, food, utensils, clothing and beds etc. The Diocese also intends to help the Muslim IDPs by sending its Medical teams to administer medical services to them.