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Young Afghan girl brutally stoned to death by Taliban over allegations of adultery


Afghan girl stoned to death

A young girl viciously stoned to death in Afghanistan over charges of alleged adultery.

In keeping with details, a girl whose age is speculated between 19-21 years was stoned to death. A video showing this horrific event has gone viral on the internet. The graphic video shows a girl inside a hole dug into the ground. She can be heard yelling the Shahada, a recitation of the Islamic faith. At the same time, men gathered all around her can be seen hurling stones at her.

In a 2 minutes video, the victimized girl who has been identified as Rokhsahana can be heard reciting the Shahada in an increasingly high-pitched voice. The authenticity of this video has been confirmed by a spokesman for the provincial governor who said, “Yes, the footage shown in the media is related to Rokhsahana, who was stoned to death.”

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Officials reveal that the incident took place almost a week ago in Ghalmeen in Ghor province in Afghanistan. Governor of Ghor, Seema Joyenda stated that Rokhsahana was “stoned to death by Taliban, local religious leaders and irresponsible armed warlords.” She further continued to narrate the details, saying Rokhsahana’s family had “married her to someone against her will and she was eloping with a man her age”.

Governor Seema, who herself is only one of the two female governors in Afghanistan strongly denounced the killing of the girl. She urged the government to take effective actions to “clean the area. This is the first incident in this area but will not be the last. Women in general have problems all over the country, but especially in Ghor. The man with whom she was eloping has not been stoned.”

Moreover, the police chief of Ghor, Mustafa Mohseni stated that this is not the first incident of its kind. Similar incidents keep happening in Taliban controlled areas. However, it was the first recorded incident in this year thus far.

Another official Mohammad Zaman Azimi blamed Taliban militants for the horrifying footage, filmed in the village of Ghalmeen, which is on the outskirts of Firoz Koh. Under the Afghan law, those found guilty of stoning someone to death is likely to face a long prison term.