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District Kasur: A Muslim youth sets a Bible and hymn books on fire in a church he had taken refuge


Churches in Pakistan

A Muslim youth set a Bible and hymn books inside a church where he was given shelter against chilling cold of the winter.

In consonance with the details, the incident took place at the Victory Church located at the main Ferozepur road Ganda Singh Walla Sanda, District Kasur. Purportedly, the 26-year-old, culprit identified as Muhammad Azhar was offered a refuge inside the church’s building form the fog and biting cold at around 6:00 am in the morning.

New is, that while the boy was inside the church he set a Holy Bible and hymn books on fire reducing them to ashes. The incident was first noticed by Sadiqa Bibi who cleans the church every morning. Sadiqa Bibi observed smoke emerging out of the church and ran to tell the appalling news to her husband John Masih who is the caretaker of the church.

Sadiqa Bibi was shocked to see an unknown boy inside the church and a reel of smoke coming out of the church. She called her husband John Masih, Allah Wasaya, Al tamash Hunny and other local Christians who when arrived at the scene saw that the boy was burning the hymn books and the Holy Bible. They immediately locked the door of the church, thus detaining Muhammad Azhar inside.

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While the Christians called the emergency police help; Muhamamd Azhar remained detained inside the church. Later on, the police hooked Muhammad Azhar and an FIR no 3/16 was filed from the complainant John Masih in PS Ganda Singh Walla, District Kasur. The FIR comprised of charges under Sections 295 and 295- B, while at the will of the complaint charges under section 506 were also added in the FIR.

In this regard, the police further explained that the perpetrator Muhammad Azhar is from Mast Pura Milona near Chawinda, Pasrur in District Sialkot. Police say he had left his parents and home some years ago, while all this time he had not been in contact with his family.

Moreover, police suspects that Muhammad Azhar is a mentally ill person as he was not wearing shoes and warm clothes despite severe cold. It was stated that since he is a psychiatric patient, he had not set the Holy Bible and hymn books on fire on purpose. However, Muhammad Azhar was sent to jail on judicial remand.

Despite, explanation form the police the local Christians suspect it was a deliberate act of vandalism, as many serious questions including how did Muhamamd Azhar find a match box inside a church if it was not pre- planed and how he had managed to sneak inside the church, why did he only burnt the Holy Bible and hymn books and why not the furniture or other artifacts lie unanswered.